A frenum is a connection between the lip or cheek and the gumline. While the lips and cheeks are connected to the gumline in the whole mouth, for some people this connection is more prominent in one spot, or a few places.

A “high” frenum, or a frenum that is close to the teeth, can cause a number of problems. Because the nerves are close to the surface in this type of tissue, they can be tender, and limit a patient’s ability to clean around them. They can also result in recession, root sensitivity, cause cosmetic problems, interfere with dental appliances such as partials, or restrict speech.

A problematic frenum can be easily resolved through a minor surgery called a frenectomy. In this procedure, the tissue is numbed, and then the connection is simply released. Often this type of procedure doesn’t even require stitches.

Many patients that come in for frenectomy treatment are pediatric patients. Our office is equipped with laughing gas, and we take the time and steps to make the experience for your child as easy and gentle as possible.

Before & after upper frenectomy
Before & after upper frenectomy
Before & After Lower Frenectomy
Before & after lower frenectomy